Getting Ready to Take the Dive

So, tomorrow will be my first bharatanatyam performance in a very long time

To get ready, I am doing many things.

  1. Obviously Practice!
  2. I tried on my costume to make sure everything fit properly. Turns out the blouse didn’t, so I just borrowed a blouse from another. It doesn’t look very professional, and I know other dancers will be confused. But it is a primarily non-Indian audience, so I think I can get away with it 😉
  3. I ironed my costume tonight to make sure everything looked spectacular.
  4. I got all my dance makeup ready (will post further information on getting dressed tomorrow!)
  5. I charged my cameras and made sure I had room on the card and extra dvd’s
  6. I packed a bag of extra clothes so that after the performance I can just take them off!
  7. I have directions and a map of downtown for parking and the streetcar
  8. I put my backup CD with my extra clothes
  9. I have a copy of the emcee program sheet 🙂
  10. I made sure my cash, my entrance ticket, and everything else was already in my bag
  11. And of course I set out my costume with my timeline for getting ready

I just wanted to put all that not only because I wanted to show how much work actually goes into pulling off a simple 6 minute piece at a festival, but to show how much can go into any dance performance.

I can’t imagine what the night before an arangetram must feel like. All this planning but sooo much more.

A little extra thing I did: I played with my point and shoot camera. I don’t have a SLR or DSLR (as much as I would like one), so I have to make the most out of what I have. I know enough about digital photography that I know what I want. So I tested out my camera on my dogs. I think I got a few nice pictures in actually 🙂

I think I like this because it is soft focus, Bella looks just so darn adorable, and the natural light is pretty 😉

And I love silhouette shots. This isn’t quite there, but one day I will get a great one… still like it 🙂

The texture, the lack of grain, the clarity, the dark background… ❤      I could do without the glare in her eyes 😦

Pic Spam! Just a few more pics I liked and some closeups of my crazy getting dressed for bharatanatyam table

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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