Hmmm… about me’s are always pretty weird. How do you sum yourself up in a just a few words right? Well, I think my current facebook about me does a pretty close job of summing me up.

I’m honest. Most people don’t like this, I don’t care. If you can get over my quirks including my sarcasm and bluntness, I’m pretty nice and crazy fun. I love to sing in the shower, rearrange my room, watch Disney cartoons, make fun of South Asians, play the same song over and over again till I’m sick of it, wear short-sleeve jackets, play with dresses, rock stilletos one day and sweats the next, cuddle with my puppies, over-shop, play video games (except first-person shooter), sleep in my cubby, be angry at my friends but enjoy the cone of silence, attempt the hip hop moves I can see so easily in my head, crochet like a little old lady, drive all over texas, imagine dream wedddings and killer parties, dance like there’s no tomorrow, blog all night, internet troll, dream up imaginary worlds, cry during movies, walk barefoot through sand, teach dance, wear my snuggie with pride, penguin-fy my room, sleep forever, and above all, live each and every day to it’s best.


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